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Professional Specialty Resource Professional Specialty Resource

Conducts Investigations – Performs prompt, thorough, and fair investigations from intake to completion, including conducting investigative interviews of employees and others, and reviewing, analyzing, and synthesizing documents and data collected as part of the investigations. Makes objective and analytically-sound investigative findings. Provides recommendations and advice about options for corrective action. Drafts detailed investigation reports, as well as other documents and correspondence related to the investigations. Prepares executive summaries and provides appropriate investigation updates to management and legal. Effectively interacts and communicates with individuals involved in matters being investigated, managers and the HR teams that support those individuals during the investigation and post-investigation processes.

Advice, Counseling, and Training – Drives impact by helping the company create and sustain a compliance-oriented culture. Provides advice and consulting for leaders and employees in support of continuous improvement related to issues identified in investigations, as broadly defined. Works with Organizational Effectiveness to develop and deliver compliance education programs and trainings designed proactively to address workplace issues.

Job Title: Workplace Investigator

Responsible for investigating complaints involving alleged violations of laws, regulations, company policies (including those prohibiting discrimination, harassment, retaliation and workplace bullying), and the company’s Code of Conduct.

Manages a caseload of numerous investigations, working both autonomously and collaboratively with fellow team members, business leaders, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Internal Audit, Corporate Security, and Legal. Regularly interacts with employees at all levels, helping to build understanding, transparency, and trust around the company’s Investigation function.

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